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Question:  My husband and I have an active sex life, and my periods are regular. However, we have still not conceived.

Answer: You need to remember that it's not possible to determine the reason for your infertility until you undergo tests to find out if your husband's sperm count is normal; if your Fallopian tubes and uterus are normal; and if you are producing eggs. Only after undergoing these tests will your doctor is able to tell you why you are not conceiving.

Question:   My gynecologist has done an internal examination and said I am normal. Do I still need to get tests done to determine why I am not conceiving?

Answer: A routine gynecological examina­tion does not provide information, such as blocked Fallopian tubes or ovulatory disorders. You need a sys­tematic infertility workup

Question:   Do painful periods cause infer­tility!

Answer: Painful periods do not affect fer­tility. In fact for most patients, regular painful "periods usually signal ovulatory cycles. However, pro­gressively worsening pain during periods (Especially when this is ac­companied by pain during sex may mean you have endometriosis)

Question:  Every 6 weeks. Could this be a rea­son for my infertility?

Answer: As long as the periods are regu­lar, this means ovulation is occur­ring. Some normal women have menstrual cycle lengths of as long as 40 days. Of course, since they have fewer cycles every year, the number of times they are "fertile" in a year is decreased. Also, they need to monitor their fertile period more closely.

Question:   Is psychological barrier is the reason for our infertility.

Answer: Unlike many other parts of your lives, infertility may be beyond your control. Don't blame yourself if you are not getting pregnant - it's a med­ical problem which often needs ap­propriate medical treatment.

Question:   I just had a HSG done, and this shows my tubes are blocked. I’ve never had symptoms of a pelvic infection, so how could my tubes get blocked?

Answer: Many pelvic infections have no symptoms at all, but can cause! Damage, sometimes inversely, to the tubes.

Question:   My doctor has advised me to take fertility drugs. I don't want to I take them because if I am scared that if I do, then I'll have a multiple births. 

Answer: Although fertility drugs do in­crease the chance of having a mul­tiple pregnancy the majority on women taking them have singleton births. 

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