Monday, 5 August 2013

The Miracle of life at the age of 40; success fragrance beyond the challenges

I am Sulekha, 44 year old from Gujarat and the mother of a healthy beautiful sweet little 9 month old son. I was 42 when I started IVF treatment in Pahlajani Test Tube Baby Centre and became pregnant and 43 when I gave birth. Thanks to Dr. Neeraj Pahlajani for her immense support during my odd periods.

My personal experience is example of positive information about the IVF process to women over 35 after scouring the internet myself desperately looking for success stories of women my age undergoing IVF treatments. I was nervous and afraid and really wanted some inspiration yet; I couldn’t find what I needed. So spirituality was created and here I am, 20 odd months down the track giving you living proof that IVF over 40 years; my works and being a mother over 40 is most definitely achievable.

I was going through each step in the IVF process.  They offer a complete detailed process to run down of my IVF journey and the things I did, for my physical mental and emotional wellbeing to help the process along.  They are promise to do absolutely from the heart, aimed to give an honest perspective of the journey.

 To share my story with women going through the same process or women thinking about starting  IVF who are searching for inspiration, who want to connect with a success story to help them find the courage to begin has been a truly uplifting experience. I thank all the support staff of Pahlajani Test Tube Baby Centre and my family who supported my journey, who offered kind loving words and encouraged me to continue to share my story, to those of you who are still in the process, I send you my love. Try to keep positive and keep visualizing the outcome you want. It can happen for you, don’t give up, and keep the good energies flowing.

I am living proof that becoming a mother on IVF over 40 is possible. I am proof that the  process can be smooth and straight forward and am proof  also that the  journey no matter how emotional and challenging, can be a beautiful one with a happy ending.

I know that this is not always the case, I know there are women who experience a great many challenges, but when I began my journey and actually all the way through it, I needed to hear about successes as well as the challenges. I needed to read about women positive experiences.  I wanted to read positive uplifting information. So to all of you who have found their way to this blog I send you my love and my best wishes for the adventure ahead. Keep your thoughts positive, acknowledge your fears but don’t let them take over you and keep your heart open.

These I believe are keys to success in this journey.  To believe that you can and will be a mother, to have faith your process will work and to consistently visualize the outcome you want to see it in your mind’s eye clearly. This is the attitude to aspire to and my sincere blessings to all of you.

Life is fast these days and while I try to stay in the moment in order to appreciate the everyday miracles occurring from moment to moment I forget sometimes. I forget how amazing life really is and how truly blessed I am to be here. Thankfully life sends me little reminders and this clip was one of them. What a miracle the creation of life is and women bodies it’s really absolute masterpieces.

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