Saturday, 15 March 2014

Egg Donation Programmes at Pahlajani Test Tube Baby Center

Egg donation is a marvel of creating lives through modern technology. Considering the need of few women, who are unable to produce their own eggs or do not want their genetic conditions to pass on to their children, Pahlajani Test Tube Baby Center has been organizing several egg donation camps in Raipur.

It is important to donate eggs as some women, who are unable to produce their own eggs require donations for healthy pregnancy. Multiplicities of reasons are attached to infertility and requirement of donated eggs. Some women might have gone through the menopause early – as young as 20, few women are left infertile after chemotherapy or radiotherapy for cancer, while other women have genetic conditions that resist to be transferred to their offspring.

During the egg donation camp organized at Pahlajani Pregnancy Care, the donors are provided the medical care throughout the process to diminish the risk involved in the process. Eggs of women usually between 21 to 35 years of age are accepted. In the standard egg donation process, the donors might be prescribed a medication for one or more weeks to temporarily halt ovaries' normal functioning to ensure controlled response to fertility drugs.

The egg donation procedure aims to obtain several mature eggs through egg stimulation procedure. The process of stimulating the ovary to produce more eggs than normal is called ‘hyperstimulation’. Donors are suggested to abstain from intercourse or use contraception during the donation cycle to avoid pregnancy with sometimes twins, triplets or quadruplets. The donors need to undergo frequent blood tests and ultrasounds to monitor the periodical development of eggs in response to the hormones. The eggs are removed from the ovaries through minor surgical procedure called transvaginal ovarian aspiration. Hence, the donated eggs are transferred into recipient for in vitro fertilization (IVF). The extracted eggs are first incubated then used in IVF or frozen to be used later.

It is important to for a donor to know that the eggs may go to more than one recipient. Also, one or more women may conceive or no pregnancies may occur. Sometimes, the donated embryos are used by another couple, or used for research, or are left frozen indefinitely. It depends on the need of the situation. At Pahlajani Pregnancy Care, the donors are given medical assistance since the inception of donation cycle. Along with the medical assurances, the donors are helped to ease their inhibitions related to the process. Till date, several donors have donated the gift of parenthood to childless couples through their eggs. 

Dr Neeraj Pahlajani     

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