Monday, 31 March 2014

Truths about low Sperm Count

More is better and less can always reduce the chance of positive! This is the normal belief of human beings. Same is with men, who are worried about low sperm count. Free advices to increase the sperm count could be seen splashing on the internet, few of those include, cold water shower, wearing boxers, and lots of almond. The truth is low sperm count does not mean infertility.  

Sooner the myths and misconceptions related to sperm counts are warded off, better the understanding of sperm count. Lots of men fear of the decline of sperm count based on groundless facts. For such men, it is important to understand that for a normal sperm count is around 15,000,000 sperms per ml (as defined by World Health Organization). Higher sperm count does not increase the chances of pregnancy, only men need to have normal sperm count for the same. 

The bitter reality is there are no medication or laboratory methods to increase the sperm count. Lower sperm count can/cannot be genetic. However, under the pressure of men, few doctors prescribe medicines to keep them satisfied only knowing that sometimes human psychology works better than medications.

Occasionally, the patients with low sperm counts are given HMG and HCG injections, proxeed, testosterone, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, anti-oxidants, high-protein diets, even homeopathic pills, in desperate cases ayurvedic churans and even varicocele surgery. Men should understand that there are no real ways to increase the sperm count and few doctors tend to reap benefits from men’s desperation. 

Patients think that the doctor has pill for every ill, while doctors think that there is no harm in prescribing few harmless medicines. In such confusion, men fail to explore the options like IVF and ICSI.

Men need to stop smoking and stop drinking alcohol. If men encounter the count persistently low, and the futile attempt to get pregnant, then you should consider going in for ICSI treatment. The test will not improve sperm count but it will be the best way to have a baby. 

Dr Neeraj Pahlajani

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