Sunday, 30 March 2014

IVF treatment cost

Cost chart of IVF treatment can be an instant pocket burner for patients, who long for parenthood but their financial condition handcuffs their longings. Knowing that IVF is the best option to have a child, patients flock the infertility clinics with seeded hopes. However, their spirits are dampened if they find to cost unaffordable. 

Sometimes, the concocted facts about the process and false allegations adds insult to the injury of doctors, who find themselves wedged in a situation when they want to treat the patients but cannot give financial assistance to them. The situation is equally tough for doctor, when he sees a patient walkout of the door, knowing her chances of conception. The exclusion of IVF treatment from health cover frustrates the patients, who are informed by the health insurance companies that assisted reproductive technologies (ART) are not covered by insurance and infertility is not counted under the types of illness. The tests, medication and checkups add up to thousands of dollars and doctors have no control over it. They offer best treatment without compromising the legitimacy of any process.

For a patient to understand IVF is a process of forming embryos outside the uterus and perform natural process inside a laboratory requires latest equipments with injections, monitoring and procedures. The process might cost dear but for the patients living abroad, coming to India is a much cheaper deal. India, the treatment costs less than half what doctors charge in countries like United States without compromise of treatment. Patients should not be disheartened as the treatment fulfills their wish of having a baby, 
which could not be fulfilled through normal process.

The IVF treatment in Pahlajani IVF Clinic might prove cost effective as the clinic charges legitimate for the process. IVF treatment involves complex steps and tests involving the use of expensive equipments. There can be nothing more painful for a doctor to refuse his patients, knowing that he could actually help them sail out of the tempest.

Fertility treatment includes cost of an IUI cycle, IVF cycle using fresh embryos, ICSI procedure, and additional cost of PGD procedure plus the medications.

So, patients seeking ART such as IVF should choose their physician carefully and weigh a number of factors. If cost is a factor in your decision making, ask the clinic for a detailed list of procedures and corresponding costs.

Dr Neeraj Pahlajani


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