Saturday, 29 March 2014

IVF Implantation Failure – Embryo or Uterus?

The fundamental cause of continual failed embryo implantation during In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment might depend on varied of reasons. It is important for a patient to have unparallel understanding about the procedure including the success rates.

Understanding that no doctor is omnipotent and IVF does not have cent per cent success rate, the patient should establish a resistance free channel of communication with the doctors to be well-informed and not naïve about the process. 

Without downplay of concerns, the doctors should ensure counseling of patients before IVF process, as it might incur huge emotional, financial and faith loss. If a patient is well informed then she would know the possibilities during and after the cycle.

If patient or doctors skips the part of counseling, then none can avoid the blame game subsequent to the process. After the failed cycle, patient will suspect the abilities of a doctor and immediately start the hunt for another doctor. It is inevitable truth that no one wants to face their weaknesses and to escape the stigma of blaming self for the failed IVF, patients blame the doctors.

However, the doctor should be truly blamed when he/she forgets to counsel the patients. It is important for a doctor to educate its patients, knowing that the technology is not a miracle and it might fail.

Dejected patients, who become more susceptible to surrounding environment, start consulting a number of doctors simultaneously to ensure that this time they conceive. They leave no stone unturned to find a new IVF specialist without knowing the exact reason of IVF failure. Additional tests ordered by new IVF doctors prove a medicine of assurance for patients, who sometimes think, more tests means more chances of conceiving. However, the tests rarely give precise information.  

If the new doctor also fails to help patient conceive then the faith on IVF process is lost! Many doctors blame it on the patient while few suggest them new tests to heavy their pockets with currencies.

Few patients get stuck in the ruthless cycle, while others give up! So it is important to understand that the chances of IVF failure fairly increase if the embryos are of poor quality. This might be because of the poor quality eggs.

Sometimes, the IVF technology used by the doctors is poor which might result in repeated failure. Few other reasons include sub-optimal super ovulation IVF protocol.
If the problem is with the uterine lining, then doctors should diagnose it during the ultrasound scans, which show that the endometrium remains thin and does not become trilaminar. 

Sometimes, patients are suggested to opt for surrogacy if the embryos develop into Grade A blastocysts in the lab and she fails to conceive after the transfer of 6 Grade A blastocysts over 3 cycles. Before undergoing the process patients should be well-informed and have faith on doctors, not blind faith.

Dr Neeraj Pahlajani

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