Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Embryo Transfer FAQs

How long is the process of embryo transfer?
Few minutes, before you are done with embryo transfer in your uterus.

Can I take a long journey back to home immediately after embryo transfer?
Yes, air travel or any mode of transport has no affect on embryo. It will do no harm to the pregnancy. The precautions are to keep yourself hydrated, move frequently and not sit for long.

Is bleeding normal after embryo transfer?
Bleeding after transfer is not usual. Most of the time, the embryo transfer does create trauma to your cervix or endometrium, so the patients should not experience bleeding or spotting after an embryo transfer.

However, some patients with narrow cervical opening (called cervical stenosis) may experience bleeding after the transfer. But there is no reason to panic because the blood is not from uterus. Your embryos are completely safe. We, at Pahlajani IVF clinic show our patients the embryos before they are transferred to your uterus.

What does embryos look like before and after transfer? 
Embryos are the minute microscopic cells which one could not see through naked eyes. You need a microscope to view them. Since, the embryos are living cells, so they constantly divide and look different with each passing day after fertilization. Doctors identify and compare the size of embryos with each day. 

Is wet discharge normal after the embryo transfer?Wet discharge is not from inside your body rather it is the sterile fluid used by doctors to cleans your vaginal canal and the cervix. So, it is normal that you experience a little wet discharge after embryo transfer but do not worry your embryo is safe inside your uterus and the wet discharge did not wash it out.

Do I need to adhere with some eating rules before embryo transfer?
No, you can have normal food as embryo transfer is not done using general anesthesia. So, the patients are not given any diet chart before the transfer. They simply need to follow normal guidelines provided by the clinic.  

Dr Neeraj Pahlajani

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