Monday, 7 April 2014

Infertility and Pelvic Pain

It is common that women, even few girls experience pelvic pain during their reproductive age. Out of these women, the pelvic pain is accompanied with infertility. In medical terms, the pelvic pain is distinguished either endometriosis or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID).

However, the line of treatment adapted by a doctor depends on the priority of patients. Few patients list pregnancy at the top of priority list. Naturally, the gift of pregnancy could annul the physical pain. So, between treatment of pelvic pain and curing infertility, patients tend to ignore the pain factor.

First things first, if the patients go for IVF treatment over pelvic pain, then they save a lot of time because the latter might demand huge investment of time. It is not that patients should ignore the pain. If the pain is severe and out of control, then it is recommended to see a gynecologist, who would treat the patients of related diseases.

It might happen that patients are detected with endometriosis. In that case, gynecologists would suggest laparoscopy to remove the cysts developed inside the ovary. Patients might also be prescribed pain killers or birth control pills. This might greatly act as temporary pain reliever. 

However, the laparoscopy might end up affecting the ovarian reserve of the patients, who are already struggling with infertility as while removing the cysts the ovarian tissue is also removed from the cyst wall.

Therefore, it is suggested that a patient should set their priorities before going to a doctor, because few doctors might give suggestions that might not match with the priorities of the patient.

This might make the whole picture murky, as in the end of cycle; patients tend to blame the doctors if the results are not according to their expectations. 

Few doctors often work on their prejudices, they might not want to lose a patient and prescribe unnecessary tests. So, I recommend the patients to be wise and do not allow the multiplicity of inhibitions blur your vision. 

Dr Neeraj Pahlajani

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