Monday, 14 April 2014

What you need to do immediately after Embryo Transfer?

Do you fear walking around, or standing up after embryo transfer through IVF? Women tend to worry about purge out of their embryos through the channel of implantation. After all, if the embryos are transferred through the uterus through the cervix, then it is reasonable for a woman to think that the embryo might slip out through the same route. 

Understandably, women are protective about the to be fetus and tend to feel, if they sit stiff in one position the embryo might stick to the wall of uterus and if they walk or do some physical activity, the embryo might get disturbed. 
Few women fear to go to the toilet, they think if they pee the embryo might get removed.  However, if women understand the construction and properties of the uterus, it would be easier for them to feel normal after embryo transfer.


Uterus is a muscular of organ about the size of a fist. The walls of the uterus are in close contact with each other with no gap of hollow space. So, when an embryo is implanted, it is protected between the walls like a seed when sowed is buried inside the soil. It is an interlocking, where the walls hold the embryo between the contractions like when we hold a small seed inside our pressed palms. 

The palms create a suction area around the seed and hold it even if we move or jerk our hands. The seed will not get dislodged in any direction you move your hands. Similar is the function of uterus, it holds the embryo between the walls. The embryo, when implanted is small and microscopic and through the weeks it makes its own space by adjusting inside the walls.

Also, the 'uterine cavity' is a medical reference; it does not mean that the uterus is a cave like structure with a void inside. There is no real ‘space’ between the walls. So, nothing can disturb the embryo inside the uterus once implanted, neither jumping nor going to pee. Any kind of external physical activity cannot disturb the embryo. 

So, it is SAFE to walk, pee or even dance. Human body has its own structural complexities to handle the inside environment, so without worries allow the organs to work according to their intelligence.

Even the belief about weeks of bed rest after embryo transfer is completely wrong. Bed rest has not been scientifically proven to improve pregnancy rate in embryo transfer. Bed rest would in turn harm you physically and emotionally. No work or physical activity would give you additional complications like back ache, decrease uterine blood flow by reducing pelvic circulations, laziness or gastric issues. 

When you rest and do absolutely nothing, then you may start thinking about negative aspects, become pessimistic and the whole IVF cycle might turn out a stressful process because a body rests but the mind starts working in double pace. Women should be energetic, follow their normal routine, eat healthy, little workout or brisk walk would make a perfect healthy environment for a fetus to develop.

Do not be scared to sneeze or cough, do not hold the pee in fear. Even if you have orgasm while sleeping (it usually happens during 2ww), don’t worry, your embryo will not be dislodged in any case even if you have intercourse. Feel normal and stay calm, allow the organs to perform their functions. 

Wash the old myths out of mind that bed rest and house arrest would keep your baby healthy. Your fetus needs fresh air, healthy environment inside. So, if you rest for the whole time and do not allow your body to function, then how will your fetus get a healthy environment?

A couple, and most importantly the family members should understand that bed rest would not improve the pregnancy. All the best! 

Dr Neeraj Pahlajani

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