Friday, 4 April 2014

First IVF Cycle – Why so tough?

The stigma of first IVF cycle failure is unmatchable. Women could be seen losing confidence and self-esteem after discovering about the failure of conceiving. As strange as it might sound, the second IVF cycle is much easier than the first. It is because in the first cycle a patient is skeptical about the procedure, pain, the relationship with the doctor.

It is similar as, the first journey always seems to be long and never ending. However, the ease of the second cycle is catalyzed by the experiences of first, i.e., knowing that the IVF procedure involves into surgery or pain and bond with the doctor. The patient now associates well with doctors and nurse.

The escalated hopes of the patient get shattered, sometimes for the worst, because her hope was strengthened by involvement of enormous efforts, emotion and wealth. Women are in a notion that the mixture of three might amount to the success.

However, the reaction of human body to manmade technologies is unpredictable! Each one reacts to the IVF in their own pattern and sometimes it is difficult to predict, where and what went wrong. Meanwhile, the women tend to lace their emotions with the embryo, so it becomes more difficult to handle such a peak of emotions.

We, as a doctors understand that the patient deserves every iota of success against the efforts she has put in, but she needs to keep realistic expectations with the process as the chances of failure are equal as the chances of success.   

It might happen, that the use of Grade A embryo might not result in pregnancy and Grade B embryo might turn into a fetus. So, it is important to be rational in such cases and understand the look forward to the next IVF cycle with a positive vision.  

We are happy to see women, who deal with the turbulence involved in the IVF treatment after the first IVF cycle fails. They are more relaxed, emotionally strengthened and with an edge of confidence. This helps the doctors too, also because they know how the body of the patient would react to a particular medication or procedure.

If you are unsure of the second IVF cycle after the failure of first, contact PahlajaniIVF Center for assistance.

Dr Neeraj Pahlajani 

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