Saturday, 5 April 2014

How to fight stress pre and post IVF cycle

Making a life changing decision to undergo IVF for expanding your family could be sometimes befuddling. It demands investment of physical and emotional strength. For a patient, waiting for the test results is much more difficult than undergoing the test. 

Women find it difficult to balance veracity and hopes, which might result into stress. Waiting for the outcome of the IVF procedure is the most difficult phase for a woman. There is multiplicity of reasons as sometimes IVF is the last option for infertile couples for parenthood.  

Women often take the help of Google to rummage ways to lower the stress levels and fight violent pangs of suffering. It might resort to a futile exercise unless the women understand that stress can be fought with rational thinking. Not all the options end after IVF, and Surrogacy is the other most successful and widely accepted option by the couples of recent times.

Stress never leads to IVF failure. Even if the few doctors blame you for a failed IVF cycle, you need to know that embryo implantation is a biological process and the external factors especially the stress has to association with the failure. 

Uterus might reject the embryo due to some hormonal behavior or the fact that each human body reacts differently to the IVF process. However, it is sometimes it is difficult to predict the exact reason. But, like it is always recommended, the patients need not over expend their emotions and control the landslide of emotional rush.

Stress needs no invitation. The state of confusion or anxiety, stress would enter our lives through different permeable paths, no matter how calm we act. 

There are basic ways to fight stress, one most important is completing your sleep. Healthy eating habits, keeping yourself busy, doing things that make you happy, sharing your inhibitions with your husband and family, trying to be around people you enjoy being with, and reading few pages of your favorite book before sleeping are basic ways to ward off the stress.

Other than that, patients should not disturb the routine meditation, and engage themselves in mind and body programs including relaxation therapies to diminish the amount of stress. 

Basic precautions of staying away from liquor and smoking, and recommendations would smear strength and not stress in lives of patients before and after IVF. 

Dr Neeraj Pahlajani

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