Monday, 21 April 2014

What husbands can do for wives going through IVF?

Women going through IVF are emotional susceptible. The phase is both beautiful and emotionally challenging for her. She is going through a change of creating a being. It takes a toll of her emotions, and might even take away her self-esteem if ignored. So, her craving for attention and care is understandable. From husbands, essentially, the extra care and support is expected. 

As, even if the embryo is turning into fetus inside a woman but the fetus should grow under the nurture of both father and mother. Husbands should know that their wives had to fight through infertility (maybe after few IVF failures) to conceive. Most of the time women find it is difficult to have a discussion about infertility with friends and family, at that moment husbands are the lone support system.

Husbands need to find ways to fill the isolation of women with love, happiness and support. Accompanying your wife to understand the realistic perspective of IVF, related treatments and assuring her that you are always there for her even during the worse would give her strength to fight the problems.  

This article has been written in a thoughtful of how husbands can contribute equally in IVF success. Sometimes, women feel that they have to fight the battle against the sea of problems alone. Women are silenced by the reluctance of shame attached to infertility. This might transform them from social animals to closet thinkers.

Husbands are known as the better halves only because of the reason that half of everything happening in women’s lives is experienced by them. It is advisable that husbands should give a patient ear to women and melt the ice of inhibitions.

The most important promise you can make to your wife is by telling her that no matter whatever be the circumstances you will be there with her and infertility is not her fault. Everything will be fine and you both will together work it out. You love her as a woman and as a beautiful wife. She allowed you to step into her life. It will give the best comfort.

Husbands can rummage through the internet or read books to know what she is going through and what all can help her lessen the stress. Reading would give you an in depth knowledge and give you best understanding. Internet can sometimes be the best guide to discover best options to fight infertility. Wives would definitely appreciate your effort and the research would help both of find best the way. 

If you and your wife are going through an IVF cycle, husbands can play their part by reminding their wives to take medications on time, make sure that she eats healthy, she is not stressed out and she does not feel alone. The time will elapse more easily if two of you go through it together. All the best! 

Dr Neeraj Pahlajani

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