Friday, 18 April 2014

Reasons Why Infertile Couples Do Not Opt for IVF Treatment

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or test tube baby technique was introduced in 1981 and till date millions of babies have been born using this treatment. Overwhelming figures speak volumes about IVF success rate. IVF might sound a cryptic medical terminology but is one of the lone treatments for infertile couples to have their own genetic babies through Assisted Reproductive Treatment. It has served as a boon for many infertile couples wanting to become parents.

However, many couples are resistant to undergo the treatment despite the high success rate. It was observed that while few couples unfortunately cannot afford the treatment, many are bound by orthodox beliefs.  

Infertile couples tussle to undergo go the test, based on the doubt factors-

  • Chances of success
  • Cost
  • Men are sometimes insecure and think that undergoing IVF might question their manhood.
  • Women consider themselves guilty partner for infertility.
  • Many consider IVF an artificial procedure.
  • Few feel that babies born through IVF are at increased risk of birth defects.

These reasons not only shield the couples from technology but also reduce their prospects of having a baby. The factors that increase the chances of success depend on how much the couple and the doctor are dedicated to make the process success. 

However, when the finances are concerned, IVF is indeed a treatment that might burn holes in the pockets. Sadly, the insurance companies do not consider infertility under a type of disease and do not cover this procedure.

Financial considerations are further strengthened by misconceptions and horror tales to resist the couples to opt for procedure. Also, men should understand that infertility is not uncommon, and men are not individually responsible for infertility nor women are but the contributing factors lead to infertility. So, resorting to IVF would not be an affront to their manhood.

Meanwhile, few couples who start believing IVF as an artificial procedure should understand that IVF is performing the natural process outside the body. In IVF, only forms embryos outside body and are later implanted in the uterus for natural pregnancy.

Knowing that IVF requires stimulation of ovaries, retrieving eggs from follicles which otherwise would have been discarded and performing the process in labs increases the doubts of couples, who start thinking that manipulating the natural process using hormonal injections might adversely affect the baby and become a cause of birth defects. They hear the stories from couples who have had failed IVF cycles and start considering IVF as a bane!

It is unfortunate that people with half-baked knowledge try to misguide the infertile couple who are already susceptible. Sometimes, even gynecologists refrain from suggesting the proper treatment and advise them against IVF specialists. These factors contribute to the reasons why patients are reluctant to undergo IVF.

Knowledge is power. Rather being susceptible to false claims and rumors, patients should grab the knowledge by consulting an IVF specialist. We at Pahlajani IVF Clinic counsel the patients before suggesting any kind of treatment. 

It builds a bridge of confidence between doctor and patient. Patients should read such informative blogs on internet and stay away from hurdles that give them only doubts not hopes to get have babies.

Dr Neeraj Pahlajani

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