Tuesday, 29 April 2014

What Causes Unexplained Infertility in Men?

About 30 per cent of couples are diagnosed with unexplained infertility without plausible answers. However, few defined reasons behind infertility apart from low sperm count, poor sperm motility in the man to blocked fallopian tubes or endometriosis in the woman include – DNA Damage in individual sperm.

Millions of couples seeking fertility treatment hop towards India with a hope of low-cost and transparent treatment. When they come to know about “unexplained infertility”, it becomes difficult for them to come in terms with the reality. 

At Pahlajani IVF Clinic, we first establish the causes for infertility before appropriate course of assisted conception treatment.

When males are diagnosed with damaged DNA in sperm, the couples starts panicking and invests a lot of time and money in fertility treatments, such as intrauterine insemination (IUI). However, it is suggested that to first find the possible cause for unexplained infertility in men and later find suitable fertility treatments. This can increase their chances of having a baby.

Also, the chances of having a baby in vitro fertilization (IVF) is closely related to the amount of DNA damage a man has in each of his sperm. A little damage is normal in the sperm of men who are fertile. 

But if there is high sperm DNA damage (more than 25% of damage per sperm), then the couples’ chances of getting pregnant are reduced – even with some forms of fertility treatments.

Doctors carry out a unique test for male infertility that measures damaged DNA in individual sperm. This test provides the couple with specific information about the causes and extent of their infertility. It can also predict the success of infertility treatments leading to reduced waiting times and improved chances of success.

Sometimes, the answers provided by fertility doctors are not satisfying, which therefore leaves the couple in dilemma about the whole process. In such a situation, a couple should remember that fertility doctors and reproductive endocrinologists are likely to make mistakes. Not always, but few fertility specialists miss out something that another could catch right away. 

It is better to be informed about the procedure and keep your queries before doctors without reticence. It will be better for both doctor and the couple. If you’re not satisfied with your doctor’s opinion or diagnosis of unexplained infertility, you need to get a second opinion.

Dr Neeraj Pahlajani

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